Episode 3

Episode 3 Show Notes


– Website ideas and feedback

– Now available on Itunes & Stitcher

– Ask which places they would prefer to listen

Topic 1:

Cheap Chinese lens companies for lenses are they any good

Why are they good

What it means for photographers

Topic 2:

Using older digital cameras that save you big $$$

Examples of what I use

Why they don’t hinder your photographic ability

Are cameras now getting too expensive for not much change


Episode 1

Not Afraid Of Grain Photography Podcast Episode 1
New film cameras, Photo Contests and Updates

I am back!
We are rebooting the Podcast as well as the Youtube channel.
In this episode we talk about Yashica Film Cameras, Gurushots and other general photography contest apps and I give you full updates on the future of the podcast.

Show Notes:

  • What’s new
  • Left Job
  • Time for podcast
  • Youtube Podcast
  • Podcast stuff Equipment cameras lighting
  • Website Stuff
  • New podcast host

Yashica Releasing new film cameras

  • Disappointment in the comments
  • Excitement about upcoming cameras
  • Kickstarter
  • Yashica 44 excitement and why 35mm instead of 120



Photography contest apps (Guru Shots)

  • How you have to approach
  • What to Avoid
  • How to rank well without paying to win/play



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